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PhD theses


  • Towards validation of Ethos® AI-based adaptive radiation therapy: from auto-segmentation to automated replanning

    Author: Roberfroid, B.

    Supervisor: Xavier Geets

  • Verification and optimization of stereotactic body radiotherapy with focal boosting in prostate cancer

    Author: De Roover

    Supervisor: Depuydt, T. (promotor), Haustermans, K. (co-promotor), Crijns, W. (co-promotor)


  • Towards validation of Ethos® AI-based adaptive radiation therapy: from auto-segmentation to automated replanning

    Author: Van Ooteghem, G.

    Supervisor: Xavier Geets

  • The Treasury of Images: exploring the opportunities for diagnosing and treating prostate cancer

    Author: Draulans, C.

    Supervisor: Haustermans, K. (promotor), Maes, F. (co-promotor), Isebaert, S. (co-promotor)

  • Exploring strategies to reduce toxicity in the multimodal treatment of oesophageal cancer

    Author: Thomas, M.

    Supervisor: Haustermans, K. (promotor), Nafteux, P. (co-promotor), Lambrecht, M. (co-promotor)


  • Clinical validation of mechanical ventilation in moving tumours

    Author: Vander Vecken, L.

    Supervisor: Xavier Geets

  • Theoretical and experimental study of the proton induced secondary electron emission from nanometer gold targets

    Author: Hespeels, F.,

    Supervisor: Lucas, Stephane, Supervisor; Heuskin, Anne-Catherine, President

    Wera, Anne-Catherine, Jury; Strivay, David, Jury, External person; Scifoni, Emanuele, Jury, External person; Kraemer, Michael, Jury, External person

  • Impact of different radiation qualities on molecular and functional changes in cancer cells: role of hedgehog signaling?

    Author: Konings, K.,

    Supervisor: Moreels, M., Baatout, S. & Haustermans, K.

  • Treatment individualisation for patients with rectal cancer: towards an organ-preserving approach

    Author: Bulens, P.

    Supervisor: Haustermans, K. (promotor), Swinnen, J. (co-promotor.), Debucquoy, A. (co-promotor)


  • Unravelling the effects of proton irradiation on macrophages in cancer

    Author: Genard, G.

    Supervisor: Michiels, C. (Supervisor), Heuskin, A. (President), Lucas, S. (Jury), Poumay, Y. (Jury), Feron, O. (Jury) & Huber, P. (External person) (Jury)

  • Hypoxia-directed dose painting in NSCLC

    Author: Di Perri, D.

    Supervisor: Xavier Geets


  • New perspectives in multimodality treatment for high-risk prostate cancer

    Author: Tosco, L.

    Supervisor: Joniau, S. (promotor), Haustermans, K. (co-promotor), Goffin, K. (co-promotor)

  • Hedgehog signaling in prostate cancer

    Author: Gonnissen, A.

    Supervisor: Haustermans, K. (promotor)


  • Identification of small molecule regulatros of ciliogenesis: a new approach to cancer drug discovery and therapy

    Author: Niamat, A.K.

    Supervisor: Swinnen, J. (promotor), Haustermans, K. (co-promotor)

  • Challenges in rectal cancer radiotherapy: optimizing target volume delineation and response prediction

    Author: Joye, I.

    Supervisor: Haustermans, K. (promotor)

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