The 7 Belgian university hospitals, UNamur, SCK•CEN and the Belgian Foundation against Cancer as well as the French Centre Oscar Lambret are actively participating in the studies around the feasibility of a Belgian Hadron Therapy Centre (BHTC). The creation of a hadron therapy treatment centre in Belgium will meet a real clinical and social need. However, the cost of building and running a hadron therapy centre makes it necessary to opt for a single structure for the entire country. For this reason, they have established the Belgian Hadron Therapy Centre foundation.

'Hadron therapy' is a collective word that describes the many different techniques of oncological radiotherapy which make use of fast non-elementary particles made of quarks: protons, neutrons and light nuclei are the hadrons used to locally treat many types of tumours. The BHTC submitted a feasibility study to the Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health. The study was positively evaluated by national and international peers.

Proton therapy on Flemish TV in 1992

Kris Smet, actress and journalist at BRT, the Flemish radio and television, produced educational and scientific TV shows, among which "Alle Vijf”. In 1992, one of the subjects was proton therapy. More...