Documents & Links to other national and international hadrontherapy initiatives

  • Proton therapy on Flemish TV in 1992:
    Kris Smet, actress and journalist at BRT, the Flemish radio and television, produced educational and scientific TV shows, among which "Alle Vijf”. In 1992, one of the subjects was proton therapy.
    After a short introduction "explaining" what protons are, follows an interview by a scientist, Jean-Louis Habrand, radiation oncologist, who worked at Orsay and Gustave Roussy in those times and who is now the chairman of the proton center project in Caen. In the conclusion of the show, Kris Smet mentions that there is good news as a Belgian company developed a cyclotron which is much smaller than before and especially developed for proton therapy. She then goes on saying that it is not clear where in Belgium a centre will be created: "the first idea was Antwerp, but it now may be Brussels, as then all universities, Flemish and French, could participate…". 1992: 25 years ago !

  • FP7 ENVISION: European NoVel Imaging Systems for ION therapy: 
  • GANIL (Caen, France): Grand Accélérateur National d’Ions Lourds: 
  • GSI (Darmstadt, Germany): GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung:
  • HIT (Germany):